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The consumer has the right to announce to the company that he renounces the purchase without penalty and without statements of reason, within fourteen calendar days from the day following the delivery of the good or the conclusion of the service agreement “(Law in April 2010).
If you want to rely on this feature, you must return the goods, at your own risk and expense, in original condition and packaging to Sugar for your Closet.


Welcome to www.sugarforyourcloset.com. By continuing to browse and use this website, you agree to be bound by the following terms and conditions.

The terms ‘Sugar For Your Closet’ or ‘us’, ‘me’, ‘we’ or ‘mine’ refer to the website owner with its registered office at Karel Van de Woestijnestraat 31, 8400 Ostend, Belgium. The VAT number of the website owner is BE0563.824.178

Sugar For Your Closet is a company with the form of a limited partnership.
The registry of the commercial court is located in Ghent, with a branch in Ostend.

You can Sugar For Your Closet contact by mail: joke@sugarforyourcloset.com or info@sugarforyourcloset.com
or by phone: 0032 (0) 495 713 145

The term ‘you’, ‘he’, ‘she’ or ‘the buyer’ refers to the user of or visitor to our website.


Every order constitutes the buyer’s acceptance of our general conditions that form an integral part of the agreement to the exclusion of all other general or special conditions of the buyer, unless expressly otherwise agreed.


All prices are stated in euro inclusive of VAT and any administrative costs. The selling price excludes shipment costs that will be charged extra. The applicable VAT rate is the Belgian VAT rate.

Any increase in the prices of goods will be charged on to the buyer, regardless of how such increases occur between the order date and the delivery.


We reserve the right to cancel at any time all or part of orders placed by the buyer if the goods ordered by him are unavailable from our manufacturers or suppliers, without cancellation entitling the buyer to any kind of compensation for damage.

We further reserve the right to cancel placed orders or to require the buyer to provide a suitable deposit if the buyer fails to fulfill his commitments, petitions for a suspension of payments or a court-approved debt composition, if all or some of his assets are seized, if a credit insurance company places him in the rejected category and similar situations, or if he is in any of the situations for which the law provides for all debts to be paid immediately on demand.


Delivery times are stated for guidance only and do not bind the vendor.

Delayed deliveries will not give rise to any entitlement to compensation for damage or to dissolution of the agreement.

We have the right to make partial deliveries.

Force majeure will relieve the vendor of all responsibility.
All articles are shipped through BPost or Fedex. Every shipment has a tracking code. Sugar For Your Closet can not be held responsible for all problems caused by the postal service (BPost) or Fedex. (Such as loss, delays, ...)

In the event of force majeure the vendor may cancel the order or alter the delivery dates without this giving rise to any entitlement to compensation for damage or to dissolution of the agreement.

Force majeure includes but is not confined to wars, fires, floods, accidents, strikes, partial or complete idleness of the factory and any government measures in the economic, financial, customs or monetary fields.

The shipment of the merchandise and the storage of the goods pending delivery will be at the risk of the buyer. Shipment costs are payable by the buyer.


At the time of receipt the buyer must check whether the goods are in conformity with the order. No complaints about the delivery will be entertained unless made known by registered letter within five days and in all instances prior to the use or re-sale of the goods.
Insofar as the vendor acknowledges an incorrect delivery, his responsibility will be limited in all instances at his election either to replacing or to taking back the incorrect part of the delivery at the contractual price.


We expressly decline any liability for any direct or indirect bodily or material damage caused through the delivery or use of products sold by us.

Our duty of indemnification for defects in delivered goods does not go beyond that of our supplier.

No warranty whatsoever is given on parts in easily damageable materials.


Unless expressly otherwise agreed, all invoices are payable in cash to our registered office or by transfer to a bank account at BNP Paribas Fortis.
Our account: BE11 608070848

It’s also psosible to pay via paypal or Ideal when completing your order on the site.

The existence of a complaint does not relieve the buyer of his obligation to pay invoices within the agreed time.

Any objection to an invoice must be made known in writing within five days of the invoice date. The number and the date of the invoice must be stated in all instances.

Any invoice unpaid at due date will automatically incur from due date default interest at an annualised rate of 12% of the invoiced amount without prior notice of default.

Without prejudice to the provisions of the previous clause, fixed compensation will automatically be owed without prior notice of default in the event of non-payment of an invoice by due date, equal to 10% of the invoiced amount, subject to a minimum of €500, by way of compensation for damage.

In the event of non-payment or if the buyer fails to fulfill his obligations, disputes his signature, petitions for suspension of payments or a court-approved composition, of if all or some of his assets are seized, he is placed by a factoring company or credit insurance company in the rejected category and similar situations, or if he is in any of the situations for which the law provides for all debts to be paid immediately on demand, we reserve the right to discontinue further deliveries or to require a suitable deposit from the creditor.

We further reserve the right to consider the agreement automatically dissolved without prior notice of breach in respect of the entire order or the part not yet performed.

Goods sold in sales or goods reduced in price cannot be returned, exchanged or refunded.


Unless otherwise agreed, we reserve title to all products sold by us until full payment has been received, including interest and costs.

If the price or an agreed installment is not paid by the due date, we have the right to dissolve the sale, simply by making known our decision to do so.


The provisions of this article apply only to customers who purchase articles online in the capacity of a consumer.

A consumer has the right to inform Sugar For Your Closet that he wishes to withdraw from a purchase, without owing any penalty and without stating reasons, within 14 days from the day following delivery and receipt of the product.

Customers who wish to avail of the right of withdrawal must contact Sugar For Your Closet within 14 days of the delivery and must return the goods at their own expense to the address stated in article 1 within 14 days of their delivery.

Only articles that are in their original and undamaged packaging accompanied by all accessories, directions for use and the invoice or purchase receipt will be taken back.

We will pay you back with the same payment as you performed the original transaction, unless you have expressly agreed otherwise. be charged for that repayment.

We may withhold reimbursement until we have received the goods back.

Under no circumstances will the following articles be taken back: items that were purchased on sale, articles that are dirty, incomplete, damaged or have clearly been used, articles of which the packaging (or part thereof) has been opened, articles made-to-measure for the customer such as personlized jewelry and articles of such a nature that they cannot be sent back.


By placing an order on www.sugarforyourcloset.com, the buyer expressly consents to the processing and use of his/her personal data for such purposes as the management of the customer database, management of orders, deliveries and invoices and similar. The buyer has the right to inspect and correct all his personal details.

We will treat your personal details as confidential information and will never disclose them to third parties. At any time you may submit a request to see, correct, edit or delete your personal details that we have saved in our customer list and you may refuse to allow your details to be used to send you information. You may exercise this right simply by writing to us.


The website www.sugarforyourcloset.com and the blog may contain links to other websites or to third parties. Sugar For Your Closet is not responsible for the content of those links.


For certain products the customer cannot withdraw from the purchase. The most important of these are goods that were produced to the specifications of the consumer and goods that cannot be sent back because of their specific nature. These include made-to-measure rings that cannot be resold to other customers.

These goods further include goods ordered specifically by the customer and that are not sold on www.sugarforyourcloset.com, but that the customer nevertheless wishes to purchase.

For these personalised orders the customer will be asked to provide an advance payment equal to at least 40% of the total purchase price prior to acceptance of the order.

Under no circumstances whatsoever will the consumer have the right to withdraw from such purchases.


This website is for personal use. No part of the website may be modified, copied, distributed, exhibited, reproduced or exploited for commercial purposes. Photographs on www.sugarforyourcloset.com may be used on the Internet for non-commercial purposes provided that a link is included to www.sugarforyourcloset.com.


The buyer and the vendor expressly agree that any and all disagreements, differences of opinion and disputes will be referred to the courts with jurisdiction in the place where the vendor has its registered office.

Information about alternative dispute resolution can be found via the link http://ec.europa.eu/odc but we reserve the right to submit disputes exclusively to the courts.

All contracts will be governed by the laws of Belgium.