Hey there, Welcome to Sugar For Your Closet. I started this journey back in 2010. Since I’ve always been very passionate about accessories and jewelry, it was always my dream to start something on my own. Why online? I’m a big online shopper myself. I think it’s a huge luxury we have nowadays. Some people are so busy with work and their household, that they don’t really find the time to go shopping during opening hours. Some don’t even feel like facing a big crowd or wait in line, so that’s why I decided to bring all of the goods to you, through my online shop. It’s my goal and passion to find affordable luxury, pieces that make you feel special and most of all happy. Because that’s what jewelry is all about. You’re also able to treat yourself or your loved ones to a personalized piece, something SFYC has been working with for many years. Cherish memorable moments in life with a piece of jewelry. If you ever have questions, requests, ... just drop me a little note. Never hesitate to contact me. Always remember ... We all deserve a little treat. Enjoy. Joke, xoxo