A couple of weeks ago, we started showing James some of the books we bought for him. I noticed he truly loves going through all the pages to look at all the colorful pages. Reading to him is not really an option yet as he flips through the pages way too fast. But still, at 17 months, he loves looking at everything.

Mostly animals, the farm, the jungle, ... something he’s really into right now.

No need to say I was pretty excited when Oona, A PR agency based in Antwerp told me about ZebraBook.

The Belgian success story ZebraBook was founded by Marie Thibaut de Maisières. ZebraBook is a 100% Belgian publishing company specializing in writing and producing personalized children’s books in which modern topics such as equality, ethics and ecology are addressed. The personalized ZebraBook children’s books are already published in 8 different languages across Europe.

The most amazing thing about ZebraBook is that you can choose the story, the cover, you can even write a special note on the first page for your son or daughter, ... it’s completely made by you, therefor makes a beautfiul gift to give to your children. Reading a story before bedtime gets just a little more special like this.

While going through all the pages, your child’s name is being written, so it’s also a very nice way to learn them their name, how to write it, how to spell it, ... since we opted for the animal kingdom, all sorts of animals are spelling out James’ name. He’ll get to learn about different types of animals, and the best thing about the story ... it’s not just a cat or a dog, they’ll learn about different types of animals, from all around the world.

A must have gift that’s not only beautifully illustrated but also very educating.

Order your ZebraBook right here:

We would like to give a special thank you to Oona for James’ beautiful book.