Call me patriotic but there’s nothing I love more than discovering and promoting new brands that are 100% Belgian.

Introducing Dils & Mander.

A small company, founded by Jonas Vermander & Jeroen Dils, specialising in concrete design.

Concrete, yes.

A type of material people think of when talking about road surfaces.

A type of material still so unknown when it comes to interior design. Thanks to Dils & Mander, we’ll get to see the many possibilities concrete has to offer.

Table tops, kitchen counters, bowls, ... you name it, they create it.

As read on the D&M site:

We want to offer handmade products in a world where mass production has become the standard. Small imperfections in Dils & Mander’s products are the creators’ signatures and show the craft. The natural look and feel of our products is as important to us as sustainability. We see concrete as a noble material that ages naturally and gets more and more character.

The rich history and everlasting structures built with concrete are the core of their passion. Dils & Mander wants to bring concrete closer to the people and their home and continue exploring the infinite possibilities of this material.

I want to thank Dils & Mander for sending me two of their beautiful concrete bolws

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Where to find Dils & Mander:

Building 904
9052 Zwijnaarde