Meet Anna Maria Blanco, a new swimwear label, designed by a client of mine, Carolina Pizzutilo.

The brand is actually named after Carolina’s mom, who lost her battle against cancer last year.
Anna Maria Blanco stands for femininity, a woman with a strong yet impulsive character, a little bit of that Italian vibe and a whole lot of passion.

When you look at the three styles that are available at the moment, you’ll notice higher cuts, and that’s exactly what Carolina was after. Not only is it an ode to her mom, the brand was also created as the designer was really looking for some feminine swimwear.

One-pieces are often associated with something ‘practical’ to wear when going for a swim, but Carolina proved the exact opposite.
Dare to show some skin and be proud of that body, no matter what size you are.

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Anna Maria Blanco is 100% made in Belgium.

A special thank you to Carolina for adding some Sugar For Your Closet jewelry in your campaign.