Meet Yin, Elle’s Editorial Assistant and lover of all things colorful, living life to the fullest in Amsterdam.

E,joy! x

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Name Yin Fung

Age: 32

City, country: Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Occupation: Editorial Assistant at ELLE

Must have piece for the new season: Faux fur coat

Wishlisted for the new season : Colourful long dress (haven’t seen one yet)

Favorite designer: At the moment Sandy Liang. I love her work

Favorite brand:  Prada, Miu Miu

Favorite brand (bags): 3.1. Philip Lim, Manu Atelier

Favorite brand (shoes) : Balenciaga

Current shoe crush: Silver pointy boots from Balenciaga. They are so sexy!

Current bag crush: Pristine bag from Manu Atelier - probably lilac

Favorite skin care products: Argan oil

Skin care routine: In the evening I always cleanse my face with a cleansing foam with natural ingredients. After that I put on a facial oil, can be different kinds but I prefer organ oil. At last I put some eye cream, but very gentle.

In the morning I put serum on my face. On top I put a mix from day cream and sun facial cream, even in the winter.

Most treasured item in your closet:  My 3.1. Philip Lim bag. When I turned 30 my friends made a pink Miu Miu piñata. They knew I was saving for a design bag. I was so moved…I love my friends and the bag so much!

Favorite piece of jewellery:  Pearl earring with golden chain. I bought it in Osaka

What or who inspires you: My twin sister Summie. She is so strong but yet so fragile and not afraid to show it.  My best friend Stephanie Broek. She loves to experiment with fashion. Not only is she beautiful from the inside, but she is also one of the kindest people in the world.

Style icon/style crush: Stephanie Broek & Pandora Sykes

Favorite city:  Tokyo, Hong Kong and Amsterdam

Favorite dish/food:  Sushi and my parents healthy home made soup. My mother says that our skin looks great because of the soup. It has a lot of protein and herbs.