We got a special Q&A for you right here. Not one, but 2 very special ladies today.
2 sisters, best friends, colleagues, ...

Meet Tine and Fien Prophete. Or Valentine and Josephine.
I don’t even know where to begin.
Tine and Fien have been clients of mine for years.

The girls are nothing but joy and laughter, that breathe kindness from the first second you meet them.
Both of them happen to be some serious fashion inspiration as well.
You’ll understand what I mean, when scrolling down to see some of their pictures.
It was hard to make a selection though. Their instagram is pure drooling.
Both girls work at Underwear, an amazing store in Brussels, that - if you are around - you need to check out.

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Rue A. Dansaertstraat 47


Name: Tine Prophete
Age: 33
Occupation: Sales girl, buyer, visual merchandiser and therapist at Underwear.
Favorite Designer: For ever and ever: Yves Saint Laurent. I had to cry once during an exhibition of his work a few years ago.
Favorite Brand: Prada. Prada. Prada.
Favorite Brand shoes: What can I say, i love Miuccia.
Favorite Brand bags: Not one brand but I love a good classic. A Speedy by Vuitton, a 2.55 by Chanel, a Brillant by Delvaux. I’m constantly saving up for all of them.
Current shoe crush: Flat Marni sandals. It feels like they’re made for my feet.
Current bag crush: I have a small but nice collection of bags yet i carry a straw basket around these days.
Favorite Skin care products: I’ve been using a lot from Avene for years. It works great for my skin. For make-up I love Kiko. Cheap and good. And I love to use Ortigia and Santa Maria Novella.
Skincare Routine:  I wash my face with Avène Mousse netoyante, I use Bioderma micellaire water, then I put on Avène Crème hydratante. I use some BB cream, concealer and mascara from kiko. And I’m good to go. And ofcourse red lipstick.
Most treasured item in my closet: My Prada banana-skirt from my favorite collection ever, S/S 2011.
Favorite piece of Jewellery: a big, chucky copper vintage necklace. I call them my cow bells because that’s how they sound when i move. And a je t’aime necklace my boyfriend gave me on my first birthday as a mom.
Inspiration: The photo of Fleetwood Mac on the backside of “Rumors”. And I love watching older locals riding their bikes early in the morning in Firenze or Milano. So crisp. And everything YSL himself ever designed.
Favorite city: I’ll love Brussels forever. Paris and Firenze are close seconds.
Favorite dish: anything my boyfriend prepares.
Style crush: Loulou de la Falaise, big Edie and little Edie, Anjelica Houston in the 70’s, Biba, Jackie O,…