It’s been a while since we had a Q&A, but we’re back with a good one.
A really good one.

Meet Stephanie Broek. She’s the Fashion Features Editor at Glamour NL. (Netherlands)

I’ve been following Stephanie for a long time on instagram, and of course, I’ve been reading her articles in Glamour every month.

I love the girl. The fact that she’s all about ‘having fun with fashion and not taking yourself too serious’ makes me happy. Since a couple of weeks now, she’s also regularly posting videos on YouTube for the GlamourNL channel.
She’ll take you on work trips to London, or shows you glimpses of her week, or will tell you about her favorites of the month.

See them all right here: https://www.youtube.com/user/GlamourNederland

Stephanie recently announced she’s Monki’s first ever stylecrush, and honestly who can blame them??

So let’s move on to our Q&A that I had with her last week, and read all about Stephanie’s muses, favorites and crushes.

Enjoy! x

Follow Stephanie Broek on instagram right here:


Name: Stephanie Broek
Age: 28
City, country: Amsterdam, Netherlands
Occupation: fashion features editor at Glamour Netherlands

Favorite piece of clothing for this summer: A miniskirt!

Favorite designer
: It changes every season. Currently I love what Courrèges is doing.

Favorite brand: I don’t have a favorite brand. To me it doesn’t matter where a piece of clothing is from, as long as it’s beautiful smile. I can find equally cool pieces in thrift stores as in high end shops. It’s just a matter of searching well.

Favorite brand (bags): Stella McCartney, because she only uses faux leather (and faux fur).

Favorite brand (shoes) 
: Stella McCartney, for the same reason.

Current shoe crush: Dizzying high platform shoes by Stella McCartney

Current bag crush: A - very Carrie Bradshaw - circular bag by Loéil.

Favorite skin care products: The Resist anti-aging clear skin hydrator. It’s a silky gel-ish lotion which doesn’t feel greasy.

Skin care routine: I clean my face every morning and evening. Step 2 is a toner. The last step is a moisturizer. I use an exfoliant twice a week. That’s it. Very minimal. Sometimes I try to treat my skin better by doing more and using a serum and all that jazz, but my skin doesn’t seem to like it. Less is more for my skin, apparently.

Most treasured item in your closet: My clear glitter glasses. I found them at the Brilmuseum (a museum for glasses) in the Nine Streets in Amsterdam. It was the first thing I picked up in the store and I instantly fell in love. The glasses are unlike every other pair I’ve seen and everybody I meet seems to love them.

Favorite piece of jewellery: My tiny ‘X’ earrings from Aurate New York.

What or who inspires you: People with a unique style. Not just very fashionable people, but regular people with swag. A few weeks ago I spotted a homeless guy who looked like he just walked the Balenciaga show (if you’d ignore the stains on his coat and trousers). Unconsciously he looked so cool and that inspired me.

Style icon/style crush: Leandra Medine  and Julia Sarr Jamois.

Favorite city: Berlin

Favorite dish/food: Vegan nasi campur (Indonesian) and vegan masala dosa (Indian). And raw coconut yoghurt chocolate icecream by Abbot Kinney’s.