Meet Lies Vangeel.

In my opinion, the perfect example of a natural beauty. She’s the founder of PR agency VonYellow. Back in November, she and her boyfriend ‘Patje’ became proud parents of Andrée Somers.

The thing that moved me the most in our Q&A is when I asked her about who inspires her the most.

Enjoy! x

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Name: Lies Vangeel

Age: 31

City, country: Antwerp, Belgium

Occupation: Founder of PR Agency VonYellow

Favorite piece of clothing for this summer: White comfy CristaSeya pants, to contrast with my tanned feet wink

Favorite designer
: pretty much always Dries Van Noten

Favorite brand: I love Acne Studios and a more recent discovery is CristaSeya, an Italian designer who designs in editions. Never out of season, love it. I joined Ilse Cornelissens of Graanmarkt 13 on her Paris buying trip and got to visit the CristaSeya showroom: a special little universe

Favorite brand (bags)
: Céline, Philip Lim

Favorite brand (shoes) : Mansur Gavriel

Current shoe crush: Mansur Gavriel platforms

Current bag crush: Don’t have one, I try very hard to be less needy

Favorite skin care products:Verso Skincare & Susanne Kaufmann

Skin care routine: No routine whatsoever.  I’m pretty bad at this but I’m learning. We have recently started working for CSA Cosmetics, the sales agent for Verso Skincare and SK in Belgium. CSA owner Delphine inspires me to care better for my skin. I love the Verso Skincare night cream and SK day cream. I also use SK enzyme peel (once every x weeks, still learning wink), and Verso Skincare Intense Facial Mask. My colleague Sayrade has the most amazing skin. She inspires me to use sun protection ☺. Another recent find is Und Gretel, 100% natural make up products, to be found at Graanmarkt 13

Most treasured item in your closet: Chanel earrings, everything with a Dries Van Noten label in it, white shirt, and some very bling bling sequin skirts I have never actually worn.

Favorite piece of jewellery: Biiiiig vintage Chanel earrings, love it!

What or who inspires you: Currently all mothers

Style icon/style crush: I have more and more respect for people who just don’t care that much ☺

Favorite city
: Lots of cities AND the countryside

Favorite dish/food: Eating is a big hobby for me. Currently craving some seafood