Meet Kim ...

Looking at her, instantly raises the question: what is she wearing?!
Yes, the outfits as well, but the skin people, the skin ... it’ s beyond perfection. Glowing, radiant, just the perfect example of natural beauty.

And natural, ‘clean’ and honest beauty is exactly what she was aiming for.

Yup, Kim is not only a freelance make-up artist, she is also the owner of Blos.
Blos happens to be one of the most amazing online skincare/beauty places ever.

What I love most about Kim is the time she takes for each client. Most people would think that online shopping is so impersonal and far from ‘cosy’ but not at Blos. You can talk to Kim about skincare, your skin ‘trouble’ and worries without having the feeling you’re bothering her. If you haven’t paid Blos a visit, be sure to check it out after reading our Q&A!
I’m warning you, it will be your new addiction!

Enjoy! x

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: Kim Maes    

Age: 40

City, country: Hasselt, Belgium

Occupation: Freelance make-up artist and proud owner of www.blos-shop.com

Favorite piece of clothing for A/W17
: Max Mara Camel Coat

Favorite designer: (in general, just fav designer of all time) Phoebe Philo (but that doesn’t mean that I have anything in my closet she designed J)

Favorite brand (bags) : Céline

Favorite brand (shoes) : Loeffler Randall

Favorite brand (clothing) : Fort Forte

Current shoe crush: COCO HIGH HEEL KNOT SLIDE (by LR)

Current bag crush: The XL travel bag from Items by Bea in deep red. I use it as a travel case but also as a clutch. It’s timeless!

Favorite skin care products: I use several brands: Verso, Susanne Kaufmann, Grown Alchemist, F. Miller and Josh Rosebrook

Skin care routine:
In the morning I use SK clarifying tonic, SK Hyaluron serum and Verso Day Cream
At Night I use SK Soothing Tonic, F. Miller Face Oil and Verso Night Cream
2 times a week I use the Grown Alchemist exfoliater followed by a Face Mask, sometimes hydrating, sometimes calming. Whatever my skin needs at that time.

Most treasured item in your closet:  A classic white silk Filippa K shirt, a Max Mara Coat and a Zara Glitter Pants.

Favorite piece of jewelry: A Wouters and Hendrix Ring that I got from my friends for my 40th birthday, my engagement ring, a classic solitaire, a gold bracelet that my family bought me for my 40th birthday

What or who inspires you: My friends, the people I work with, my family, art, music, traveling …. You can find inspiration everywhere, just open your eyes and live in the moment.

Favorite city: Tokyo!

Favorite dish/food: I like everything but Japanese is maybe my favorite kitchen

Favorite Style Crush / Girl Crush
: Sabina Socol and Kate Bosworth