We got a special Q&A for you right here. Not one, but 2 very special ladies today.
2 sisters, best friends, colleagues, ...

Meet Tine and Fien Prophete. Or Valentine and Josephine.
I don’t even know where to begin.
Tine and Fien have been clients of mine for years.

The girls are nothing but joy and laughter, that breathe kindness from the first second you meet them.
Both of them happen to be some serious fashion inspiration as well.
You’ll understand what I mean, when scrolling down to see some of their pictures.
It was hard to make a selection though. Their instagram is pure drooling.
Both girls work at Underwear, an amazing store in Brussels, that - if you are around - you need to check out.

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Rue A. Dansaertstraat 47


Name: Fien Prophete
Age: 31
Occupation: Sales girl, buyer, visual merchandiser and therapist at Underwear.
Favorite Designer: Raf Simons. I mean, look at what he did with Jil Sander, Dior and now Calvin Klein.
Favorite Brand: Miu Miu
Favorite Brand shoes: Sophia Webster. It’s art!
Favorite Brand bags: Paula Cademartori. Again, it’s art! Still saving for one of her bags.
Current shoe crush: a pair of white housewife slippers i bought in the supermarket in Italy, haha.
Current bag crush: my new Margiela bag. It’s to small to fit anything but I love it.
Favorite Skincare products: I recently discovered Caudalie in Paris. Totally hooked now.
Beauty Routine: I use a few Caudalie products every morning and me and my skin are happy.
Most treasured item in your closet: a pair of braided leather shoes by Dries Van Noten in off white and black.
Favorite piece of Jewellery: A ring by Margiela in the shape of an airplane. It’s huge. I can’t even wear it to work because I hurt my customers with it.
Inspiration: Life in Brussels.
Favorite city: Montpellier
Favorite Dish: pizza, since 1986.
Stylecrush: princess Diana.