I know we haven’t been here for a while, but no better way to be back with a really good one.

And with good one, i mean Elsa.

Super energetic, always so kind and sweet, supportive, great style, good vibes ... I call her ‘La belle de Bruxelles’.

Follow Elsa right here: https://www.instagram.com/elsafralon/

Meet Elsa Fralon.

Enjoy! x

Name: Elsa Fralon

Age: 34 ans

City, country: Brussels, Belgium

Occupation: Freelance journalist, stylist, art director, consultant, manager, fulltime single mom (hahaha)

Favorite piece for A/W17: Balenciaga Triple S

Favorite designer: Virgil Abloh, not especially for his brand but he’s reaaaaaallllly smart and creative love that

Favorite brand (bags): Delvaux

Favorite brand (shoes): Nike

Favorite brand (clothing) : Acne

Current shoe crush: The Air Jordan 1 Retro Aleali designed by Aleali May

Current bag crush: the Madame by Delvaux, always and forever

Favorite skin care products: Likami Skincare

Skin care routine: I have a very very sensitive skin ! To clean up my face i use the DHC Deep Cleansing Oil, then i put the Facial Essential Serum from Likami and a lot of coconut oil before going to sleep.

Most treasured item in your closet
: My velocity jacket from Acne

On the road, I’m never without: (3 things) : a lipbalm (Weleda), my paper agenda (i’m oldschool), my perfume (Byredo Unamed)

I’ll never get tired of: my son

The one thing I keep on buying over and over again
: Air Force One’s

Favorite piece of jewellery
: Hoops ! The bigger, the better !

What or who inspires you: sooooooo many people ! I really admire Alicia Keys, for her music of course, but also for her soul, I admire her no make up thing, she wrote an essay about it and it’s really powerful.

Favorite city: New York

Favorite dish/food: Thaï Food

Favorite Style Crush / Girl Crush: Aleali May