Finally it’s my twin’s turn in the Q&A.
No, we’re not really twins but in some way we are ...
She knows what I’m talking about.

Diana aka Didi and I have been talking about it for so long, but never seemed to succeed in doing this Q&A untill now.

She’s the co-owner of Jus Jus and became a mother to Max, just a few months after I gave birth. It’s fun to have kids of almost the same age, because we can just ask eachother for advice or exchange tips and tricks whenever we feel like.
Let’s not forget ranting or nagging non-stop and then finish with how we love our kid so much, hahahahaha. Good times for sure.

Jus Jus is your one stop destination for raw cold-pressed juices and really healthy snacks and meals. You can pick up everything right there, in their store in Antwerp or have everything delivered at your home. I’ve been a fan since the start and their selection is amazing.
What I really love about Jus Jus is that they often introduce new juices or milks that are so innovating. Bee pollen, blue algae, curcuma, collagen ... it may sound ‘weird’ to have this in your drink, but they always manage to come up with your next favourite milk or juice.

Be sure to check our their selection.

They even have a spring promo code going on right now!

Visit JUS JUS here:

Verschansingstraat 46
2000 Antwerp

Or order your juices, milks and snacks right here: https://jusjus.be/

Follow Jus Jus right here: https://www.instagram.com/jusjusbe/

Follow Didi right here: https://www.instagram.com/didiatjusjusbe/


Name: Diana Delgado (but most people call me Didi (my initials!)

Age: 41 going on 17!

City/Country: Born in San Juan, Puerto Rico/ Currently in Antwerp, Belgium

Occupation: Ex-lawyer/Currently busy as co-owner of Jus Jus, a cold pressed juicery turning 5 years old this summer!

Favorite piece of clothing right now: My Ienki Ienki puffer jackets! Been wearing them all winter long! They keep you super warm (it’s an Ukraine brand, they know about cold weather!) but are also uber stylish & they cinch by the waist so you get a fantastic shape!

Favorite designer: Phoebe Philo! I’ve been a fan since she was assisting Stella McCartney at Chloé!

Favorite brand (bags): Céline and Chloé

Favorite brand (shoes): Balenciaga and Nike

Favorite brand (clothing) : Acne Studios and Ganni (best colourful prints out there!)

Current shoe crush
: Off-White™️ sneakers

Current bag crush
: A vintage black Chanel flap bag that I’ve had my eyes on for a little while!

Favorite skin care products: Joëlle Ciocco Lait Onctueux Capital, my fave cleanser, been using it for 7 years now! I read about the line on ITG and went to Paris to do the facials with her and been hooked since!

And Biologique Recherche Lotion P50, it cleared up some pesky dark spots which I had for years. Also discovered it on ITG!

Skin care routine:

Routine is usually: make up removal, face cleansing, moisturising and eye cream. I’m not into serums yet although as more wrinkles start appearing I may have to check into them! And I exfoliate 2-3 times a week with the P50

I used to use the same products all year around but I think it’s good to shock your skin every now and then!

Lately I’ve been using Aurelia Probiotic Skincare products. Their Miracle Cleanser and their Eye Revitalising Duo.

I’m also using Susanne Kaufmann. I love their sunscreen and their moisturiser. I use 2, the Face Fluid and Regeneration Cream.

For body care I use coconut oil! Especially in these dark winter months!

Most treasured item in your closet: My Rag & Bone Jeans!

On the road, I’m never without: (3 things): Sunnies, that I have a minor addiction to, iPhone and prodbiotics.

I’ll never get tired of: Staring at my 2 year old boy, Max. I can watch him for hours. I still can’t believe he’s mine!

The one thing I keep on buying over and over again
: Acne Studios sweaters

Favorite piece of jewellery: A silver thin band ring that my man gave to me 10 years ago when we started going out. It was designed by a friend of ours.

What or who inspires you
: My family! Nothing tops the love and lessons we get from our loved ones! They inspire me to seize every day!

Favorite city: Hong Kong/ New York City

Favorite dish/food: Indian Chana Masala or spicy fish tacos!

Favorite Style Crush / Girl Crush:

Style Crush:

I’m a bit bi-polar when it comes to style crushes! I love me the over the top glam-divas like Kim Kardashian or J.Lo (it’s the Latina girl in me!) but I love the simplicity and coolness of Caroline de Maigret as well.

Since my trip to China two months ago, I’ve been obsessing lately with the cool Asian fashion girls like Irene Kim, Margaret Zhang and Hikari Mori!

But my all time style crush is Natalie Joos! I love wearing colours and she does colours and prints like no one else!

Girl Crush: Rihanna. She’s too cool for school!